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Welcome to the new Lords Mobile game world! If you love strategy games you must definitely give it a try! It combines a real time game for all strategists, RPG and world-creating mehanics. There are plenty of game modes and new events every week. You can try your skills in PVP battles and use your own strategy to create a wonderful and strong city. Remember to take care of your own base, upgrade buildings everyday and group your big army to fight enemies and destroy their bases and steal their resourcers.

Don’t forget to kill enemy leader! In the game there is a very interesting event called “Kingdom War” and you can attack players from all servers over the world during this event but usually it is possible to fight only opponnents from your own kingdom. Have you heard about big world bosses? They can appear on your map sometimes and they protect HUGE amount of resources and extra bonuses. Try to gather some extra army every day to be ready to kill world boss if he appears. There is also possibility to attack normal monsters,capture their resources and get more experience as well.

History of Lords Mobile cheats

Do you remember times when first emperor ruled glorious Lords Mobile world? These times are gone, emperor is dead now. There is no more peace, new rulers are extravagantly cruel, greed and ambitious, everything they want is lordship and power. Fantasy earth world has been split into small rebellious kingdoms and monsters have come to spread panic, fear and destroy everyone they meet.

Do not be scared, raise your sword and take part in plenty of battles and save your farmers! Become glorious, wise and powerful leader and lead your army to the death or honorable victory! Find your allies and do not fight alone. Create your own clan, and invite strong people or join other guild and help it to become stronger.

If you want to download Lords Mobile hack remember to click the button at the top of my website. Fight opponnents and earn gold, buy more resources and supply your base and guild. Do not forget to feed your army and farmers and they will reward you with loyalty. Defeat other players, claim their resources and other goods and rule their commonalty, forge alliances and become most powerful person in Lords Mobile game.

Lords mobile strategies

If you do not want to loose too many battles try to use one of our professional prepared strategies! Be smart and think faster than your enemy to minimise risk of loss. Every single strategy mentioned below has been tested by pro players in Lords mobile wars. If you have required troops and resources, they will give you easy victory. Remember to always use scout troops first and anticipate your chances of victory. You can have high advantage in the game if you get Lords Mobile Gems. Consider if it’s worth attacking if your opponnent has got too large army. Use your heroes wisely, they can give really huge advantage.

First strategy is to let your enemy attack first. Wait untill his troops come closer, then attack him back from other side. Do not send all forces, leave some troops in your shelter to defend untill enemy will be destroyed first. This strategy works perfect if your opponnent is stronger and has large army.

Tactic number two. Find a strong friend and let his troops garrison in your city. Use anti-scout trap to make sure that nobody will see your secrets. If someone will attack you, he will have to fight surprisingly large army. This is a very funny tactic but a bit not fair. If you are stron in game you can create your trap accounts as well and use this tactic to beat competition and rule your kingdom.

Third defense tactic. Always defend your troops when you are offline. You can use 24 hour shields and be protected from any attacks but it is quite expensive, however you can use lords mobile cheats and have enough gems for protection. Try to upgrade your wall and shelter as much as possible and use defence bonuses. Another awesome tactic when you must go out of home and be offline is to send ALL of your forces far away to attack any empty village and make that they will come back to defend your kingdom.

Your village will be in danger of attacks of course but you can spend all your resources before and minimise your losses. Fourth tactic is to learn how to get free gems in lords mobile and use them to build your castle faster and upgrade more troops.


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