Lords Mobile City

Anyone want to know how to win battle and gain Lords Mobile Gems?

Different battle types in Lords Mobile
First tip is to understand your troops and their skills, this is the first step to be victorious in every battle. All the troops have different abilities, skills, health and strength and players can use them in many ways and tactics. When someone play the game for first time and he will use lords mobile free gems it may be a little hard to create a good battle deck. Try different combinations and make your unique squad and if it will not be very effective, change your squad and do not think twice.


A very old interesting story continues...

Learn to destroy castles and use range weapons effectively. It is clear that heavy cavalry and crossbowmen are strongest units with Lords Mobile Hack however some other enemy troops can counter them quite effectively. Be better thinker and use lords mobile hack to get the advantage, minimise your losses and win your first battles.

Imagine your opponnent has 3000 heavy cavalry, free lords mobile cheats to get bonuses and 5300 range units. What is the best way to defend then? Firstable it is safe to stay in shelter with full army and shoot enemies when they reach the walls, defend three gates very carefully, use hot oil and other deadly traps. Meanwhile the strongest horsemen can surround enemies and attack from every side.

Brave general or cowardly sheep?

It is a must to decide whether send the best general to help in battle or leave him in safe place where he could say orders. When captain joins his army in first attack, their morale raises up incredibly, however if he dies then the effect will be very bad. In most situations, army without their leader will fall very quickly or stop the fight and run away. In our opinion you should always let your captain help the army BUT only if he is protected very powerfully. Send him with the best, loyal, elite troops and make sure they will protect him especially in dangerous situations. There is one more step required, the hack lord mobile can give necessary gems to purchase largest shield for the leader.

Be patient and enjoy the game because it is most important to have fun instead of arguing which deck or tactis is better. Use imagination and intelligence to make best squad and become famous player. Never loose concentration and do not forget to join biggest aliances and find strong friends. We wish you good luck and have fun!

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